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Watch live broadcasts from online cameras in the Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is a region located in the northeast part of the island of Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. It shares a land border with the Republic of Ireland to the south and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Irish Sea, and the North Channel. Northern Ireland has a complex history and has been the subject of conflict and political tensions between unionist (who wish to remain part of the United Kingdom) and nationalist (who wish to become part of a united Ireland) communities. The Troubles, a period of violent conflict that lasted from the late 1960s to the late 1990s, resulted in the deaths of thousands of people and was only resolved through the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, which established a power-sharing government and sought to bring peace and stability to the region. Today, Northern Ireland is home to a diverse population and has a rich cultural heritage. It has a devolved government with powers over many areas of policy, including health, education, and justice. Its economy is primarily based on services, including finance, technology, and tourism, as well as manufacturing and agriculture. The region is also known for its stunning natural beauty, with attractions such as the Giant's Causeway and the Mourne Mountains drawing visitors from around the world.

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