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Cocos Islands, Keeling - Paradise Beach
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Cocos Islands is a remote group of coral islands located in the Indian Ocean, approximately 2,750 km northwest of Perth, Australia. While there are no live webcams located on the Cocos Islands, there are several webcams located on the mainland of Australia that offer views of the Indian Ocean and Western Australia's coastline, which can provide an idea of what the area around the Cocos Islands looks like. One such webcam is located at Cottesloe Beach, which is situated on the coast of Western Australia, approximately 12 km southwest of Perth's city center. The webcam provides a live view of the ocean and coastline, looking out towards the west, which is in the general direction of the Cocos Islands. Another option is the Scarborough Beach webcam, located approximately 15 km northwest of Perth's city center, which offers a view of the coastline to the north of Perth. To access these webcams, you can visit their respective websites or search for them online. Please note that webcams can sometimes go offline or have limited viewing times, so it's best to check the webcam's website to ensure that it is currently active and available. All this you can see through the webcam Cocos islands - Perth. Live stream from the online camera Cocos islands will allow you to see live what is happening in Perth. Observe the sights while traveling online.

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